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A year of Casa Mia recipes

By August 11, 2021No Comments

Over the past year we have spent much more time in the kitchen, cooking meals and teaching hundreds of people across the world via zoom how to prepare our favorite dishes through our #whatscooking project. We even created a book containing our Recipes of the heart for free download.

We have also continued to share our cooking tips on this blog. Here is a round-up of a year of Casa Mia recipes.

there are many kinds of Italian iced coffee beveragesWe started the summer by enjoying all the Italian iced coffee beverages to beat the wild season’s heat. For many Eleonora shared quick tutorials.

extending the life of breadWe found ourselves baking ridiculous amounts of bread and cultivating sourdough starter during lockdown, so it was only natural to share our 10 ways to extend the life of bread in a dedicated post.

In August 2020 we taught our first live kids cooking lesson online. We baked biscotti that were decorated, drizzled and covered with chocolate and other surprise toppings. After the lesson, we received requests for gluten free classes. Here’s Gina’s fantastic Chocolate, rice & caffè gluten-free cookie recipe.

Reflecting on the culinary progression during her time at the Rome Sustainable Food Project, Carolyn understood the intrinsic facets of the Italian version of mirepoix known as soffritto. She shared her thoughts in her post, I’m all about the base.

pasta al fornoAs fall temperatures started dropping, Eleonora shared a number of her favorite Pasta al forno, baked pasta dishes best loved by Italian children.

libationsAs the Holidays and the new year fell upon us and many of us had to celebrate away from family due to the pandemic, Carolyn reminded us that drink clinking glasses is not anywhere near as important as what and who to toast. With that in mind we loved all her Holiday libations to toast us all.

agnolottiIn her quest to promote seasonality and be sustainable in the kitchen, Eleonora shared her Nonna’s no-waste agnolotti recipe on the blog.

stracciatella in brodoStracciatella is a gelato flavor, the filling of burrata cheese, and a type of soup. In this blog post, Eleonora shares the recipe for this quintessential end of winter comfort food.

As beautifully told by Gina, a central ingredient becomes multiple meals. In this post, One chicken, becomes three meals in her Roman kitchen.

And after a year of lockdowns and restrictions lifts, loss and rejuvenation, torrential rains and devastating fires, we circle back to July, with one of Italy’s most representative summer recipes: Vitello tonnato.

We’re happy to report that guided tours and classes are slowly coming back to life! This means that you can continue to cook with Casa Mia in person or online, and still browse these blog pages for new and exciting recipe updates. We couldn’t end this round-up of recipes without focusing on an Italian summer staple: Her Majesty the Nightshade; Italy’s most versatile ingredient: The Incredible, Edible, Egg…plant.

We’re cooking up Ferragosto meals for the imminent holiday, and getting ready for a fantastic calendar of in-person guided food experiences and virtual cooking lessons and wine tastings. The best way to get in-real-time updates is following us on Instagram and Facebook, and signing up for our newsletter.

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